Renaissance Festivals – Where and How

renaissance festivalsRenaissance festivals are the weekends gathering which are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Looked as an opportunity to get closer to magical periods of history such fairs provided relief from day to day hectic schedule of busy life. These fairs are held in large public and private places for a specific period of times and on especially created themed parks for these fairs where ren-fairs can be celebrated all year around. Let us discuss about some of the renowned renaissance fests which are held in USA.

Arizona Renaissance FestivalArizona Renaissance Festival – In Arizona this festival held during the month of February and March. In these two months Arizona’s Apache junction converts into the fortress of middle age. The breathtaking blend of renaissance costumes, historical shows, period music, acrobatics street performance, food and various other historical artifacts can keep you indulge for the whole day. Fest in this part of world is comprised of twelve Stage shows, theaters, jousting tournament, crafts faire and circus.

Michigan Renaissance FestivalMichigan Renaissance Festival – Mid America Festivals owns the renaissance fair that take place in Michigan. It was started in 19879 but in 1989 owners moved it to another place of same city. The new formed ground has two large areas for parking and two lakes. With the passing time many permanent structure has been built to accommodate the ever increasing visitors each year. People dressed as Viking, wizard, prince, princesses, queen, king and other various characters attend this fest whole heartedly.

Texas Renaissance FestivalTexas Renaissance Festival – Renaissance festival of Texas was started in 1974. Being the nation’s largest theme park it witnessed the 61,000 visitors per weekends in 2011. Open for 8 weeks during Sundays and Saturdays in the month of October and November, the whole atmosphere of this amusement park get absorbed in the sixteenth century living style. Texas fair is also opened on Friday after thanksgiving. Organizers arranged additional special festive session for school children. Each weekend’s plays and shows have certain theme and all necessary items are arranged in tune with the theme. For instance if pirate’s life is the topic of the week than all things whether pirate clothing, accessories, acts or food all have to be coordinated accordingly.

Ohio Renaissance FestivalOhio Renaissance Festival – Like Texas, ren-fair of Ohio too held annually on the weekends of early September to the mid of October and Labor Day is chosen day of its opening. The whole setup resembles the village during the reign of Queen Elizabeth-I. This fictional English village has a name also called “Willy-Nilly-On-The-Wash”. Ohio amusement park is spread in an area of 30 acres which includes 130 vendors, numerous stages shows, comedy shows and twice a day jousting.

New York Renaissance FestivalNew York Renaissance Festival – Spread on the ground of 65 acres this Ren-fair in this part of world is the combination of permanent structures, 20 stages and 100 plus shops. Again this is an annual fest held during August to September. Unlike the fairs of aforesaid, New York ren-fair was started late in 1996. This fair has acted as training ground for screen actors. On the line of other fairs, renaissance fair of New York too has themed weekends. Charity works like blood donations camps are also included in this festival.

During renaissance festivals, festive moods prevail everywhere. People become part of this celebration leaving all the worries and troubles behind for enjoying the feel of occasion to the fullest.

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